We are the Dancers, We Create the Dreams.


What We Offer

IDS is a go to dance school that offers a variety for ages 5+. Our classes are fun and energy-filled but also breaks down each movement of choreography to ensure technique and precision and to maintain our quality and standards which we showcase across our social media platforms and public events. We have a large network of students forming our one big dance family and offer a range of friendly packages to suit families wanting to embark on their dance journeys.

Regular and Open Classes

At IDS we have the option of classes in the following formats:

  1. Regular classes: This is available for all age groups. In this class you will be learning one routine continuously for approximately 4-weeks and;
  2. Open classes (drop-in classes) for our adults: We conduct adult Bharatha Natyam, Hip hop and contemporary classes. In our open classes you can learn different routines each week.

In both class types, you have the opportunity to feature in our videos posted on YouTube and social media every month.


We believe in expanding, developing and getting out of our comfort zones and encourage our students to attend our exclusive workshops. We invite talented artists to share their knowledge and skills in these workshops. It’s a great way for dancers to connect, network and stay up to date with the dance industry.

We will be revealing our workshops online soon. Stay tuned!

Performance Troupe

The Performance Troupe (PT) is a special group of IDS students who are given the opportunity to represent IDS at various showcases, events, competitions, festivals and programs. To be part of this elite team you will be a strong, passionate dancer who possesses strong technique and is committed to the team.

Membership through audition.
Recommended age 8 years and above.

Professional Troupe

We are seeking professional dancers to join our teachers and other industry leading dancers to be part of our “Pro Dance Troupe”. We get many requests to perform and/or conduct workshops for a variety of prestigious events such as corporate, private and public events. If you are interested, please contact us for further details regarding rehearsal schedules and policies.

Membership through audition.
Recommended age 16 years and above.

Opportunity Performances

We are delighted to introduce this to our classes at IDS.

Be part of our video productions on social media - a great platform to expose your talent through IDS YouTube channel and social media pages. IDS teachers will teach routines in our regular or open classes and will handpick those who show interest, have demonstrated excellent skills and are a stand out in class.

Must register as a student at IDS to feature in our videos.

Adult Dance Fitness Classes

What better way to get fit, healthy and feel confident by dancing to some HIGH ENERGY Tamil and Bollywood songs? Janani and her team have gained popularity from all around Sydney in the last few years known for their dance moves, body toning and calorie burning steps!

We invite you.... dare you to just try one Lesson!

We welcome everyone, beginners, non-dancers, the young and the young at heart! It's never too late to get fit, it's never too late to be healthy and it's never too late to feel great inside and out.

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