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What to Expect at My First Lesson?

At your first lesson you will receive t a nice warm welcome from our teachers.  Students will be greeted by the class teacher and introduced to the rest of their class during roll call. We want every student to feel comfortable and relaxed at their first lesson and make sure new students are encouraged and nurtured into their first dance lesson. 

Your child’s enjoyment is our priority. 

What Do I Wear for My First Lesson?

We suggest to wear black trackpants or tights and a black t-shirt for your first lesson. Our admins can advise you of the types of dance uniform that we offer to our students.

Is the Uniform Compulsory?

You don’t have to wear uniform for your first lesson, however once you enrol the uniform is mandatory for each class. At IDS we pride ourselves for discipline, excellence and humility and want all of our students to feel of equal value in class. (If you are unable to wear the uniform, please consult with the teacher)

The teacher will also take into consideration the discipline of wearing the uniform to class for end of year awards.

To take part in any videos and if you are representing IDS at any external events, the uniform is compulsory.

Can I Watch My Child in Class?

We do not usually allow any parent, grandparent, guardian, siblings or friends in the rooms while classes are on as it is distracting for the students and sometimes a little intimidating when learning new skills. 

We find students learn best when there is just the teacher and the students in the classroom. We welcome parents to either wait in the foyer or drop off and pick up from our venues. 

Parent Open Week is held will be held at the end of the term and provides a special opportunity for parents to come and observe their child’s normal class lesson.

How Will I Keep Informed About What's Happening?

When you enrol at IDS you will receive access to our customer portal. Via this portal you can view classes, update family details and see any invoices.  Our newsletters and invoices will also be emailed out to you once a month.  We have a calendar on our website which lists upcoming events, concert dates, workshops, exams & community events.

We would love for you to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram and we encourage everyone to be part of this as we put up current information every week.

What Happens if I Miss a Class?

Missing a class happens as life happens! Credits for missed classes are only given due to serious injury or illness with medical certificate provided or extended overseas holiday (min 3 weeks).

Make up lessons are available if we have additional/similar classes running. Please note that make up classes must be done within the same term and cannot be rolled over to the next term.