Dance to the Beat of your Own Goals

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Goals

About GFJ

Dance Fitness ~ Strength ~ Yoga ~ Dance Performance

Welcome to our dance fitness group, a place where you will meet like minded people, a positive and safe space to dance & get fit. Whether it is working on a personal goal or just getting fit and dancing to some music, from joining this fitness group, you will form part of the dance fitness family where as a team you will motivate each other, encourage and share healthy habits, stay positive and most of all have a laugh and buddy during the whole process.


Janani, has been a Zumba Fitness instructor since 2010 and began her GFJ journey as ladies from her community attend her workout sessions.

When these ladies came to my Zumba Fitness classes, it was then I realised that it was way more fun to sweat it out to songs that we are familiar with, such as popular Tamil, Hindi and English songs!”

So! What better way to get fit, healthy and feel confident by dancing to some HIGH ENERGY Tamil and Bollywood songs?

 We have gained popularity from all around Sydney in the last few years, known for our dance moves, body toning and calorie burning steps!

We invite you....we  dare you to just try one Lesson!

We welcome everyone, beginners, non-dancers, the young and the young at heart! It's never too late to get fit, it's never too late to be healthy and it's never too late to feel great inside and out.

Timetable - F2F


Monday & Wednesday Nights


Tuesday & Thursday Nights


Tuesday & Thursday Nights


Friday Nights


Sunday Mornings




Fees & Booking

CAUSAL CLASS .......................... $20/class

10 CLASS PASS .......................... $165/term

UNLIMITED PASS ......................... $275/term

Fees are pro-rata'd for Term 1 - 9 weeks

We offer Early Bird Discount 5% off

We offer girlfriend discount 10% OFF when you & your friend enrols together for the term





How Do I Sign Up?

After you submit your inquiry, we will send you the waiver form online. Once we receive the signed form, you can attend your first lesson either F2F class at any of our venues or receive our Zoom links.

Or click here to Sign the Waiver Form:

How Do I Prepare For My First Lesson?
  • For F2F: Please wait outside the room until the instructor comes to greet you.
  • For Zoom: Ensure to workout in safe space & keep your devices charged.
  • What to wear – Comfortable/Gym clothing. Closed shoes – joggers or dance shoes.
  • What to bring: Water bottle, Towel or Yoga mat and set of 0.5kg-1kg hand weights & Resistance Leg Band.
  • We recommend having a fitness bag with all the required items. Easy to grab and go!
What to Expect on my First Lesson?

The first class may be overwhelming as we do a one-hour class filled with choreographed dance/fitness steps as well as cardio and physical challenges. BUT we promise you that after a few classes you will feel a big difference in your coordination, endurance, and mental wellbeing. It's never too late to get fit and feel great.

What is the Class Format?

5 minutes of Warm up, 20 minutes of Dance Cardio, 20 minutes of Toning with hand weights, 10 minutes of HITT focusing on Abs & Legs and finally, a nice relaxing cool down.

Can We Bring Our Kids in Case We Are Stuck One Night?

Normally we would allow however due to COVID-19 we are unable to. Otherwise this would be the policy: We understand some nights you may need to bring your child to into the class. Due to OH/S your child will need to sit in the visitor/waiting room and will not be permitted into the class space at any time the class is running. Please advise the instructor at the beginning of your class.

We are happy to accommodate as we don’t want you to miss out on class.

T & C's

Payment Procedure
  1. We accept Bank Transfer or Paypal only and it valid per month. Missed classes cannot rolled over to the following month.
  2. Payments are to be made by the first lesson you attend.
  3. FOR NEW ENROLMENTS: Before you enrol you can try out any classes for $16 only in the first week. If you wish to continue and choose to pay for the month, you can pay the difference in the 2nd week and still receive multi-class discount.
  4. WE NOT ACCEPT CASUAL PAYMENTS– We do not accept cash payment.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure you attend all your paid classes within the paid month.
  6. An email or WhatsApp message will be sent out prior to the start of a new month as a courtesy payment reminder only. It is the responsibility of the member to check payment amount prior to attending the first class of the month.
Monthly Class

We have kept Zoom & F2F classes the same fee to provide you the freedom to attend any classes during the month. If you have paid for 4 or 8 classes, you can complete those 4-8 classes by attending on any of the days we offer within the month you have paid.

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Whilst it is exciting that we are conducting face to face classes, the health of our GFJ members & staff is of utmost importance. The following measures will be enforced:
No cash payments. All payments must be finalised via online.
All members & staff must refrain from touching/hugging other members.
Members must not share food/water/clothing/mats with other students.
We encourage all members to bring hand sanitiser with them to be used before/after class.
Social distancing must be maintained by all members of GFJ (during/in between classes, whilst waiting for classes, foyer etc).
If you have any SYMPTONS or are not feeling well, have been in contact with an overseas traveller or someone who has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT attend classes.
Prior to & at the end of class, we will provide wipes to disinfect/clean the area you occupy during class.
Must bring a mat or towel for floor exercise.
Please do not bring your child/ren to class.
Please bring a bag with your fitness items to avoid any clutter and maintain safety area for all.
We will continue to monitor the covid-19 situation and will adhere to all government regulations.


Please note that refunds are not available after you have booked your classes. Please ensure you are completely committed to the monthly classes before making the payment.

Late Fee

Please note that any payments made after due date will incur a late fee; this is because we have administrators to collect the fees and allocate time to follow up.


GFJ classes can involve risk of personal injury. While Get Fit Janani takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the premises. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class you must at all times take care of your own personal safety.
You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.

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We are constantly sharing on our stories and posts of our workouts and what we eat throughout the day! Great way to stay motivated and positive!

Feel free to share your progress, your healthy habits and anything else and tag us in it.

We have videos on our YouTube channel to help you! If you are stuck at home and wish to squeeze in a quick workout, you can follow our moves on Get Fit Janani YouTube channel.