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Dance Styles

Bharatha Natyam

Bharatha Natyam is the oldest classical form of dance in South India. Bharatha Natyam is a form of dance that allows a dancer to connect to the traditional & spiritual elements of life and is known for its grace and sculpturesque poses. In this class, students will learn and develop their skills to use Bhavam (expressions) and synchronise different hand gestures to the foot work to match the Thalam (music).

Bharatha Natyam is a style of dance that requires discipline, commitment and respect, as such, IDS Bharatha Natyam classes will follow a particular syllabus and structure to enforce and continue the traditionsof this beautiful artform and culture.

Our recommended age to start this style of dance is from the age of 5.


Bollywood, the Indian Hollywood, is a musical theatre show presented on a big TV screen. Bollywood is all about colourful, vibrant and dramatic form of performance including acting and dancing.  IDS Bollywood is a fun dynamic class, learning popular Bollywood hits, improving rhythm and musicality, perfecting routines and staying connected to Indian culture.

We recommend students to take part in Bharatha Natyam & Technique classes to strengthen Bollywood technique.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing is an urban ethnic dance form that has been continually evolving  since the last  two decades.  It is an ideal way to express your creativeness and to step out of your comfort zone. IDS Hip Hop will be a fun and cool class as you learn , breaking, popping, locking and free styling. It is a great way to experiment and create new moves.


Kuthu is a type of folk and street style dance originating from South India. It is a dance of high energy with an emphasis on percussion (beat of drums and catchy tunes). IDS Kuthu will be a class full of hard-hitting steps to fast paced rhythmic beats  of the latest and famous  tamil cinema songs .

Recommended age 5 and above.

Performance Troupe

The Performance Troupe (PT) is a special group of IDS students who are given the opportunity to represent IDS at various showcases, events, competitions, festivals and programs. To be part of this elite team you will be a strong, passionate dancer who possesses strong technique and is committed to the team.

Membership through audition.
Recommended age 8 years and above.

Technique & Stretch Class

We encourage all our students to participate in our Technique and Stretch Class in conjunction with their other classes, as it will help strengthen their technique and adaptability to all dance styles. This class will be a combination of stretches and exercises to improve strength, flexibility and technical precision to allow each student to reach their full potential with grace and musicality.

Students learn to safely execute a large variety of tricks, such as high kicks, splits and acrobatic tricks. This also allows them to perform special features in our dance routines.

Technique and stretch classes are mandatory for all students to participate in a minimum of one class per week.


Age Groups

  • 3-5 years old
  • 5-9 years old
  • 10 years and above
  • 18 years and over
  • Teens and Adults
  • Open Age


Our timetable is designed to make it convenient for our parents and students to maximise their learning at IDS. If you are unsure which will be the best class for you, we are more than happy to assist you. Please contact us via email, phone or through our enquiry submission.

Fee Structure

Our goal at IDS is to provide a platform for all students to become versatile dancers and we have designed our fees and timetable to reflect this. We want to make it accessible and easy for everyone to participate in all our classes. If you are unsure of the fees, we are more than happy to help you. Please contact us via email, phone or through our enquiry submission.

Term Dates

We run our classes during school term. To acess the calendar please click on the link below